How to maintain advertising tents to extend their lifespan
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How to better maintain advertising tents to make their performance even better? Let me teach you a few tips below!

1. Due to the special material of advertising tents, they are relatively afraid of sharp objects piercing them. Therefore, when using them, it is necessary to be particularly careful of items such as tree branches and needles to avoid puncturing the advertising tents and affecting their performance.

2. For tents that have already been punctured, timely repairs should be made to prevent the holes from getting bigger and causing even greater regret. After using the advertising tents, they need to be deflated first and then cleaned. When cleaning, do not use volatile cleaning agents such as gasoline. Soap water or cleaning fluid can be used to wipe them. After washing, they must not be exposed to the sun and need to be air-dried in a cool and ventilated place.

3. For advertising tents that are temporarily not in use, they can be packaged and stored after cleaning and air-drying, according to the instructions for use. When packing, try not to fold them to avoid damaging parts and connections, which may affect reuse. If the space is indeed limited, the advertising tents can be rolled up flat and stored, and there should be no heavy objects squeezing around them. The storage area should be protected against insects and sun exposure. If space allows, some air can be inflated into the tents before storage, which can prevent the phenomenon of adhesion of the air chamber walls due to long-term close contact. As long as the above points are done well and the advertising tents are properly stored, their service life can be effectively extended, and their functions can be better played to bring more convenience to people's travel. In addition, proper storage of advertising tents can also save us some funds, so we should give the advertising tents thoughtful care.

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