Mobile Water Park - How is the Return on Investment?
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After the New Year, summer is just around the corner, and playing in the water has become everyone's top choice for beating the heat. You must be familiar with how popular water parks were in previous years, right? The scene was comparable to making dumplings. If you looked down from a height, the swimming pool was packed with tourists, especially those large mobile water parks with many play facilities, attracting numerous players who even had to queue up and wait a long time to play one game!

Inflatable water parks mainly consist of movable frame pools and inflatable pools of various sizes, shapes, and depths as the core, coupled with exciting and fun water slides, water obstacle course combinations, and various types of floats. Combined with elements such as animation and culture, they can be designed into various themed water parks, attracting the attention of many children and young people. So, how profitable are these inflatable water parks? Let's analyze it for you.

Inflatable Water Park Profit Analysis:

Taking a city with a population of over 500,000 as an example

1. Type selection: Mobile water park series product combination

2. Operating time: From early June to mid-September, about 105 days in 3.5 months; considering unfavorable factors such as rainy days, estimated at 35 days, the normal operating days are 70 days, including 20 days on weekends and 50 days on non-weekends.

3. Business hours:

From 10 am to 10 pm every day

4. Conservative estimate of daily passenger flow:

Weekdays: 700 people/day * 50 days = 35,000 people

Weekends: 1,200 people/day * 20 days = 24,000 people

Total: 59,000 people

5. Based on a 105-day operating season, the average daily passenger flow is 562 people

6. Ticket pricing: It can be divided into day tickets, night tickets, family packages, etc., with an average ticket price of 28 yuan

7. The cost can be recovered in the first year of operation within 3.5 months, with surplus. The product life span is about 6-8 years, and the annual and overall returns are considerable.

Inflatable water parks can be customized according to different site conditions and customer needs, and can be freely combined. Its application range is very wide:

1. Municipal landscape

Creating the most beautiful city with cultural characteristics

2. Theme parks

Enhancing the fun of park play

3. Outdoor shopping malls

Enhancing customer flow stickiness

4. Real estate supporting facilities

Supporting facilities for buildings, sales highlights, and favored by property owners

5. Scenic spots and amusement parks

Attracting traffic, interaction, and internet celebrity props

6. Kindergarten supporting facilities

Creating a characteristic cultural and educational park

The emergence of a mobile water park integrating swimming, entertainment and leisure, water games, sports exercise, and parent-child amusement park perfectly meets this market demand and fills the market gap for water amusement equipment in cities and towns! It is easy to operate in summer and can be disassembled and stored in winter, with the water in the pool being recyclable. Strict disinfection measures ensure the safety and hygiene of the water quality. Its low investment, safety and hygiene, water-saving and environmental protection, dismountable storage, easy maintenance, and strong expression of theme culture make mobile amusement parks favored by many investors.

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