New Popular Tourist Attraction Project - Inflatable Bouncing Clouds
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Over the past two years, various new and innovative recreational projects have been emerging one after another. Just as visitors have experienced the thrilling and exciting viral bridge, they are now welcomed by the multi-person viral swing. And just as they have mastered the unique gameplay of the viral swing, a new recreational project has arrived - the viral bouncing clouds.

The viral bouncing clouds, also known as the inflatable cloud trampoline, consists of an outer membrane, inner membrane, air supply duct, pressure relief duct, ground membrane anchoring device, soft padding inside the membrane, cushioned sand pit outside the membrane, and an integrated air supply and pressure control house, and is thus also called the sand pit trampoline.

The bouncing clouds are pure white, and when viewed from a distance, they resemble the clouds that have fallen from the sky, just as their name suggests. Compared to other recreational products, the bouncing clouds are remarkably simple. The bouncing clouds are a new type of non-powered interactive children's experience facility, resembling fluffy white clouds, with a novel image and strong interactive experience.

Many parents are concerned about the safety of their children when using recreational equipment, but the bouncing clouds have relieved them of this worry. The inflatable bouncing clouds allow children to bounce and slide freely, chasing each other and enjoying the joy of childhood.

The inflatable bouncing clouds became very popular in 2020. Many scenic spots, amusement parks, and farmhouse inns have added this magical gameplay as a recreational project. Due to its unique gameplay, it has been widely nicknamed the "viral bouncing clouds in the desert" on the internet.

The viral bouncing clouds are custom-made according to the site, clean and beautiful, suitable for sliding, climbing, and suitable for children of all ages to play, parent-child interaction, child intelligence development, and physical fitness enhancement, helping children to recognize more playmates and enhance their communication skills. In parent-child interaction, it can better establish parent-child relationships and let children feel the care and companionship of their parents.

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