Inflatable gymnastics mat usage and maintenance
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Inflatable gymnastics mats, also known as taekwondo flip mats, are simple to use. After inflating the taekwondo flip mat, it can be used. The elastic taekwondo flip mat makes flipping more convenient and training more effective. Compared to large foam mats, the air in the flip mat is softer, providing better protection during flipping.

Of course, since the inflatable gymnastics mat is called a gymnastics mat, it can naturally be used for gymnastics training. Once inflated, the inflatable gymnastics mat is ready for use. When not in use, it can be easily deflated and folded for convenient storage and home use. The product also has the advantages of adjustable softness and hardness, easy portability, low shipping cost, and long service life.

The inflatable gymnastics mat can also be used as a yoga mat. The softness can be freely adjusted according to personal preference, allowing for a faster entry into the yoga state and improved training effects. Additionally, the inflatable gymnastics mat is made of imported Korean new-type drawn materials with double-sided coating, waterproof and airtight, odorless, suitable for use on the ground and water surface. Practicing yoga on water not only provides a refreshing experience but also helps improve one's balance.

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