Maldives Entertainment Project: Banana Boat Guide and Precautions
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Banana boats are a popular seaside entertainment facility, where the boat body is towed by a motorboat on the sea, typically accommodating 3-4 people. This activity is not overly dangerous and is often enjoyed by children. The name "banana boat" comes from the boat's banana-like shape, which is essentially an inflatable boat.

◆ Precautions when riding a banana boat:

1. Simple installation:

Lay the banana boat flat on a level surface and inflate the three air valves on the boat tubes.

Note: Press and turn the air valve buttons clockwise to lock them, and turn counterclockwise to release air when inflating or deflating.

2. Operating instructions:

Attach the front D-ring of the banana boat to a rope, and the other end of the rope to the back of a high-powered motorboat. Start the motorboat engine to tow the banana boat.

3. Safety precautions:

① Wear a life jacket before boarding the banana boat.

② The motorboat moves at high speed during operation, so hold on to the boat handles tightly while on the banana boat.

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