Oversized Inflatable Cartoon Characters Fill Entire Cities, Blurring the Line Between Real and Unreal
From:factory | Writer:Lucy | Release time2024-05-05 | 26 Views: | Share:

Inflatable cartoon characters have become a common sight in our surroundings, often used for store decorations and game scene settings. To capture people's attention, we frequently see giant inflatable toys. However, can you imagine an inflatable figurine being larger than a building?

In Japan, there is an artist named Tsunotsuno whose artwork features towering, gigantic inflatable cartoon characters occupying entire city streets. They appear at store entrances, train stations, and even bustling urban areas.

The massive scale, combined with the wrinkled texture created by the inflation, gives a peculiar sense of realism. Yet, this realism also raises a question - can such colossal inflatable toys actually be manufactured?

The answer is not that difficult to guess. These oversized inflatable cartoon figures are entirely digital painting works. The artist first captures real-life scenes through photography, then uses digital software to place the giant inflatable cartoon characters into these settings. Depending on the scene, he selects appropriate cartoon inflatable figures and poses, skillfully designing a visually perplexing experience that blurs the line between the real and the unreal.

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