Inflatable Bumper Balls | Grass Bumper Balls | Snow Bumper Balls - One Ball, Multiple Ways to Play
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Inflatable bumper ball sports are a fitness and entertainment activity all-in-one. It's flexible to operate, has low investment, and high returns. Plazas, grasslands, snowy areas - anywhere with a flat surface and no sharp objects can be a suitable operating site!

Product Name: Inflatable Bumper Balls | Grass Bumper Balls | Snow Bumper Balls

Product Specifications: 1.8m, 1.5m, 1.2m diameter

Materials: PVC/TPU composite

Manufacturing Process: High-frequency heat sealing | Roller heat sealing

The 1.2m diameter ball is usually suitable for children (teenagers), the 1.5m diameter ball is suitable for average-sized people, and the 1.8m ball is for taller individuals (above 1.7m in height).

PVC material balls are suitable for general climates, not extremely cold regions. TPU material balls are suitable for frigid areas like Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, etc.

Inflatable bumper balls have two main gameplay modes: Challenge Race and Team Challenge, which are one category; and Planet Soccer, which is another. Depending on the rules, teams deploy different configurations of players for the competitions. Beyond testing individual physical ability, these games also emphasize strategic deployment, team coordination, and morale boosting.

Bumper Ball Gameplay 1: Planet Soccer - Players wear the bumper balls and compete in a 5 vs 5 soccer game. It's hilarious on-site, as the large balls make it hard to tell teammates from opponents, and misjudging distances leads to unexpected collisions between teammates. A fun and entertaining activity.

Bumper Ball Gameplay 2: Challenge Race and Team Challenge - These modes emphasize physical strength and competitiveness, similar to tug-of-war. A competition area is marked, and players pushed outside the boundary lose. Team matches are more interesting, allowing free alliances during the game to gang up on others. It's not just about raw strength, but also team collaboration and strategy to see who can last till the end.

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